Don’t forget eggs!

08-03-2010 | | |
Van Der Sluis

Forgotten? Forget it, when eating more eggs the chance of forgetting something diminishes. That can be concluded from a news release issued by DSM.

We all know for long that egg white is a nutritious and healthy protein source. Eggs are good for young and old, active and passive people. Some people still believe that eggs are causing high blood cholesterol levels in humans. Research has proven over and over that this is a myth.

Those who still believe this false declaration should be advised to not eat eggs so they can quickly forget why they should not eat eggs. The chance of forgetting this is bigger when staying away from eggs than eating eggs. On the other hand it would be good for them to eat eggs so they can better remember why eating eggs is good for their health.

The reason is to be found in a recent discovery by DSM. Researchers of the globally operating company discovered that certain a protein present in the egg white really supports specific brain functions, including memory. The protein, particularly when it comes to the essential amino acids Tryptophan and Tyrosin, is used in the body as building blocks for signaling molecules that play an important role in brain processes such as mood, sleep, stress, concentration, alertness and cognition.

The discovery of these amino acids prompted DSM to investigate whether the protein could be developed into a functional food ingredient, improving brain health. Indeed, this seems to be the case! The ingredient seems to also have a positive effect on mood, hand-eye coordination, Vigilance, and sleep. It is not ready available on the market yet, but the ingredient is in its last phase of product development and is tested in some human studies to fine-tune its conditions for use.

Would it be great for the egg industry to again be the prime provider of a new functional and very important human brain health ingredient?

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