Egyptian feeding trials confirm sorghum performance

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The US Grains Council has successfully completed two sorghum feeding trials in Egypt to demonstrate the use of non-tannin sorghum in broiler feed rations and to assess the nutritive value based on actual Egyptian conditions.

While Egypt does produce sorghum domestically, it is of the tannin variety and is only used for human consumption.
Egypt has never imported sorghum and there is little knowledge among livestock and poultry producers about the benefits of non-tannin sorghum in feed rations.
However, in an effort to lower feed and production costs, the Egyptian government is looking for ways to diversify the number of ingredients available to producers.
Economic benefits
“These results mean that expansion in the use of sorghum in broiler rations in Egypt will depend entirely on the economic benefits of sorghum versus other feed grains,” concludes Dr. Hussein Soliman, director of the Council’s Egyptian program.
With the successful completion of the trials, Egypt will start following the sorghum market and the Council anticipates the Egyptians will begin purchasing U.S. sorghum when the time is right.
If Egyptian users want non-tannin sorghum, distiller’s dried grains with solubles (DDGS) or corn gluten, the United States is the only place to go, Dr. Soliman explains.
“They aren’t likely to fill a whole ship with any one of these products, so they will be looking for other commodities that the United States can provide, such as corn and soybeans, to fill the remainder of the ship.
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Dick Ziggers Editor: AllAboutFeed / Blog: Poultry Industry