Europe: Campaign promoting poultry meat to be launched

10-04-2019 | | |
Photo: Shutterstock, Sergey Ryzhov
Photo: Shutterstock, Sergey Ryzhov

The European poultry organisation AVEC is in de process of raising funds for a €5.5m campaign promoting EU poultry meat over the next 2 years.

When the funds are in, a tender for the promotion campaign will become active. The tender, which was already publicised, aims to increase public awareness of high production standards in the European Union as well as the health benefits of eating poultry meat.

It also aims to contradict myths/fake news on the production of poultry meat and hopes to see a rise in consumer confidence in eating poultry meat. 

The campaign tender says the promotion needs to show the relevance of poultry meat for the EU economy and highlight the social impact of the production, especially in rural areas. Key target audiences include not just consumers but key opinion formers, decision makers as well as retailers and catering/food services sectors. 

The promotion has the support of a number of AVEC’s nations including Italy, Germany, Poland and the Netherlands and will be targeted in those countries as well as France and Belgium. 

Selection is being based on quality and coherence of the strategy, value for money, understanding of the EU promotion rules, experience of EU communication project and work in the 6 targeted countries. 

In its last annual report AVEC Secretary General Birthe Steenberg and President Paul Lopez said the organisation’s vision was to bring European poultry to every table. 

“Every consumer, every food professional, every official and every politician needs to know the high value of the European poultry sector. 

“By choosing European poultry meat, consumers all over the world make a quality choice and we are committed to maintaining consumer confidence in our products via a high level of knowledge, innovation and transparency.”

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Tony Mcdougal Freelance Journalist