First Novogen breeding stock in Japan

29-07-2010 | | |

The first Novogen breeding stock has arrived in Japan. This is a very important market for layer breeders with around 1.3 mln parents being placed.

At present the market requirement is split between 60% White, 25% Brown and 15% Tinted, says Novogen.
During April 2010 the first Novogen breeding stock were placed on the quarantine farms in Japan. The initial consignments were NOVOgen Brown parent stock, which were shortly followed by several consignments of NOVOgen White parent stock.

“The chicks arrived in excellent condition at Tokyo Airport and the quarantine farms after the long-haul flight from France,” commented Dr. Okuyama, Technical and Sales manager of Tohzai Sangyo Boeki Inc., Novogen’s Sales Representative in Japan.

“We supplied the NOVOgen Brown parent stock from Europe, and Japan is one of the longest shipments we can make. Therefore we have made sure that this shipment was organised in such way that each and every stage of the operation was calculated using the ‘just-in-time’ approach and the result speaks for itself. The NOVOgen White parent stock shipments have been delivered from the European production centre in France and the North American breeding centre in New Hampshire,” adds David Fyfe, Novogen’s Business Director for Asia.