Flockman selected for Global Innovations Forum

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Flockman selected for Global Innovations Forum
Flockman selected for Global Innovations Forum

Flockman has been selected to speak at the annual conference of the “Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture” (GFIA), in Abu Dhabi in March 2015, about their broiler growth control system, Flockman.

Flockman is an innovative broiler growth control system, developed by David Filmer, managing director and founder of the Flockman Company in the UK. It is an electronic control system for intensively reared meat-chicken which interfaces with new or existing automated feed pan systems.

It delivers several feeds per day, integrated with light and dark periods. This contrasts to ‘normal’ ad-lib feeding with a single rest period at night. It uses precision controls and feedback, giving flocks the correct quantity of feed to match each flock’s genetic growth potential. This restores birds’ crop function and improves feed digestion, efficiency and bird welfare.

According to Filmer, nine worldwide trials averaged lower mortality and better live weights, feed efficiency and profit (+5 US cents/bird/crop).

The international jury of GFIA, selects 100 innovations out of 450 applications. All these are related to innovation in agriculture in general. Thus far, Flockman is the only entry in the field of poultry.

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