German poultry sector looking for future leaders

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The German poultry industry, under the umbrella of the Association of German Poultry Industry (ZDG), has launched a new 10-month training programme as it seeks to find the “leaders of the future”.

The training includes a 12-week period of study at a DLG Academy and the Giessen Institute of Agribusiness, and two 12-week placements in ZDG member companies.

The partner companies are Cobb Germany, Lohmann Animal Breeding, the PHW Group, Wiesenhof and Wimex. These companies will give the participants a basic salary and cover the costs of the training programme.

“The scheme is aimed at young professionals with a college or university degree based on agricultural science/veterinary science, or alternatively with a college degree and work experience in the poultry industry,” said a Cobb spokesman.

“The applicants will want to take responsibility for matters relating to sustainable growth of the poultry industry, production and marketing, as well as for matters of animal welfare in this dynamic sector.”

More information is available by contacting Johannes Ritz on +49 69 24788-304, or email

Source: FWI

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