Growth registered in Zambian poultry industry

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Growth registered in Zambian poultry industry
Growth registered in Zambian poultry industry

Zambia has seen an impressive growth in terms of eggs and meat production spurred largely by small-scale farmers who constitute about 65% of the sector.

The broiler sector recorded a growth with annual chick production at 68 million, while the layer sub-sector witnessed a significant increase to 2.9 million in 2013 from two million in 2012, mainly produced by small-scale farmers who continue to dominate the industry, local media reports.

“2013 recorded tremendous growth in the broiler sector and this growth was induced by the small-scale farmers. The annual broiler chick production recorded in 2013 was 68 million and the national average mortality was 3.5%,” Poultry Association of Zambia (PAZ) executive manager Mathews Ngosa, confirmed.

Ngosa said the broiler sector was expected to grow even faster this year because of the high cost of beef and other meat products but warns that the industry still remains vulnerable because of the cost of production as a result of the unstable Kwacha, high fuel prices and rising electricity tariffs. Inputs have been a consolation to farmers because the price of the resources had remained stable since last year.

In terms of layers, Ngosa indicated that the subsector had witnessed mounting demand for pullets and the hatcheries had orders which they could not meet in time resulting in some customers having to wait up to three months. The high demand resulted in major hatcheries raising their flocks to cater for the increased demand last year.

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