Halal poultry partners adopt proof of concept blockchain

17-06-2019 | | |
Photo: Wikimedia
Photo: Wikimedia

Slovenian-based poultry business Perutnina Ptuj Group has partnered with online B2B Halal agrifood trading marketplace platform OneAgrix to launch a first in the Halal economy.

The deal will mean that as well as tracking and tracing Halal poultry, OneAgrix will be able to verify authenticity of a manufacturer’s Halal certificate before potential buyers make their purchases, known as live Proof of Concept.

Combatting food fraud

Data is vetted and secured via Blockchain technology that assists with combating food fraud and counterfeiting in the Halal sector.

The venture should reduce issues of food traceability and provenance that have dogged Halal supply chains in recent years.

Last year UK-based Premium Halal Meat and Poultry was forced to recall some of its Direct Poultry Products because they had been produced without approval, which meant it was not known what production and hygiene procedures had taken place at the premises.


OneAgrix is using technology powered by the OriginTrail protocol developed by Trace Labs. OriginTrail has been mentioned as a trusted solution in the World Economic Forum’s white paper, “Inclusive Deployment of Blockchain for Supply Chains.”

OneAgrix was the first to be awarded Walmart’s Food Safety Innovation Spark award in 2017 and was cited as a top player, alongside IBM, Microsoft and SAP SE in the Global Blockchain in Agriculture Industry 2018 Market Research Report.

A call to arms for all Halal-related certification bodies

OneaGRIX is making a call to arms for all Halal-related certification bodies, laboratories, blockchain food traceability providers, abattoirs, farms, manufacturers and distributors to be involved in the decentralising of data for mutual benefit.

Perutnina Ptuj – provenance app

Perutnina Ptuj is the largest poultry producer in Southeastern Europe, and has been involved in blockchain for some time. Earlier this year, it launched a new provenance app powered by the OriginTrail protocol, enabling consumers to verify data about their products on the blockchain.

Consumers purchasing the firm’s packaged products from their Premium Poultry Breeding range can now – using their smartphones and the OriginTrail blockchain protocol – be sure of the local origin of the products and learn more about breeders and conditions on the farms.

Each product comes with a QR code, which can be easily scanned. Once a consumer scans the code, they will be prompted to enter the shelf life of their product and the LOT of the product number indicated on the packaging.

The exact location of the farm where the poultry were bred and a description of the breeder will then be displayed to the user, who can also learn more about the conditions of the farm and breed of birds as well as looking at the premises on the holding.

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