Hatchery staff convene in Aviagen management school

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Hatchery staff convene in Aviagen management school
Hatchery staff convene in Aviagen management school

Optimising hatchery performance is of paramount importance for the efficiency of hatcheries and poultry integrations. From this point of view, the Aviagen production management school organised its hatchery and incubation training course for hatchery staff from Europe, Middle East and Africa. It took place this week in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

“Our course is an excellent opportunity to meet and exchange experiences with colleagues from other countries, as well as leading specialists in poultry incubation”, said Dinah Nicholson, global manager, Hatchery Development and Support of Aviagen.

The programme was organised by her team, assisted by a number of international experts in their field, with the focus on improving the output of quality day old chicks at the most competitive cost.

“Our Hatchery and Incubation Module contains a balance between classroom learning and practical demonstrations and problem solving exercises,” Nicholson continued. Apart from presentations on topics like biosecurity, ventilation and hatchery maintenance, the programme included practical modules like recognising fertility in hatching eggs, but also case studies.

The importance of creating optimal conditions for transporting chicks was outlined by Gerrit van der Linde of Heering in the Netherlands. Heering is specialised in this field and displayed for the occasion a truck which is specifically designed for this purpose at the parking lot of the conference hotel. The participants had the opportunity to see the truck from inside and experience transport conditions for day old chicks.

A final exam on the basis of a case study, concluded the hatchery course.

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