HatchTech signs deal with Canadian poultry cooperative

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HatchTech signs deal with Canadian poultry cooperative
HatchTech signs deal with Canadian poultry cooperative

HatchTech and the Canadian based Synergy Agri Group Inc. have signed an agreement for the delivery of a complete new hatchery facility. The facility will be equipped with HatchCare – the hatcher with feed and water.

Synergy Agri Group, a well-known poultry cooperative in Canada,grows chickens in the Canadian Maritimes of Eastern Canada.

Ron Testroete, director at Synergy Agri Group Inc.: “Our Company exists of real poultry enthusiasts and poultry fanatics. In everything we do, we aim for one thing: superior chick quality. We strongly believe that the key to achieving predictable and constantly superior chick quality is to ensure that the needs of the embryo are met during incubation. This is achieved with HatchTech incubators. Now, with HatchCare, we know that the hatched chicks will be immediately supplied with the basic necessities of life – feed and water. This prevents dehydration and continues growth and development.

“The combination of optimal temperatures, constant access to feed and water, and a generally more comfortable environment will lead to healthier and stronger chicks. This results in a lower mortality rate and decreased need for antibiotics and other medicine throughout the life of the chicks. We are extremely happy that we will be the first company in North America to install HatchCare in a state of the art hatchery.”

Joost ter Heerdt, commercial director, HatchTech: “Together with a team of Canadian specialists, we visited several HatchTech hatcheries in the Netherlands and Germany. During the visit, the team became acquainted with our product portfolio, including HatchCare. This visit resulted in a well thought out project, in which, in addition to HatchCare, the new HatchTech Chick Storage Room and the HatchTraveller 86.400 are included. We are delighted that the excellent poultry producers of the Synergy Agri Group, have selected HatchTech as their supplier”.

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