Hybrid Turkeys expands in Europe

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Hybrid Turkeys expands in Europe

Hybrid Turkeys has seen major market growth Europe with the addition of 17 Grandparent farms as well as a Parent Stock hatchery in France. All of this translates to an increased need to build a local management, sales, service and production team.


Therefore, effective January 1, 2012, Ron Slavnik the current managing director, Hybrid Turkeys will move to a newly created role as managing director, Hybrid Turkeys Europe. At the same time, Dave Libertini will become managing director, Hybrid Turkeys in addition to his North America Country Coordination and Aquaculture responsibilities.

Slavnik will be based in France and will also take on various other projects within the growing Hendrix Genetics group. “These moves strengthen the management capacity of Hybrid Turkeys in response to increased staff and infrastructure in France as well as to manage Hybrid’s tremendous market growth and expanded client base throughout the world,” states Antoon van den Berg, CEO of Hendrix Genetics.

Libertini, well known within the turkey industry, is re-assuming the role of “Managing Director, Hybrid Turkeys” – having previously served in this capacity until 2003. He is also familiar to swine industry professionals, where he served as Managing Director of Hypor for 7 years. Most recently, Libertini has been involved in overseeing Hendrix Genetics’ entry into salmon breeding, through the acquisition of Landcatch Natural Selection, located in Scotland.

“Turkey breeding and distribution is now the largest part of our business portfolio,” continues Van den Berg. “As such, it deserves extra top management attention. It is our aim to intensively strengthen our relationships with vertical integrators and Hybrid Turkeys distributors worldwide, and we can achieve that goal with this new North American and European organisational structure.”

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