Hybrid Turkeys signs deal for access to US market

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Hybrid Turkeys signs deal for access to US market
Hybrid Turkeys signs deal for access to US market

Canadian turkey breeder, Hybrid Turkeys has signed a letter of intent to enter into proposed agreements in which Ag Forte/Willmar Poultry Company would produce commercial eggs and poults under contract to Hybrid, which will allow Hybrid to begin selling commercial eggs and poults in the USA and abroad.

In addition Hybrid will then also take responsibility and ownership of Ag Forte’s USA Hybrid Grandparent operations.

Under the proposed terms of the agreement, Hybrid will begin selling commercial eggs and poults to existing Ag Forte customers. Hybrid will lead in all aspects of customer relationships including sales, service and customer satisfaction. These agreements will allow Hybrid and Ag Forte to work closely together to ensure high quality eggs and poults are produced to meet clients’ expectations.

“This is the logical next step in the evolution of the turkey sector in the USA. This new relationship allows us to become even closer to the customer and to work with Ag Forte to ensure that those clients are receiving Hybrid genetics of the highest quality,” said Peter Gruhl, director of customer service, Hybrid Turkeys.

Hybrid will continue to support its existing client base, strengthen its distribution network in the USA, and remain committed to offering the industry choice, quality and national coverage.

“We believe in the value of an aligned network to effectively deliver our genetics to the marketplace. We also want Hybrid clients to have choice in suppliers. We feel this new agreement helps ensure this reality,” said Dave Libertini, managing director of Hybrid Turkeys.

Ag Forte will focus on quality production for the industry and the development of its proprietary vaccines and technology made available through eggs and poults which they produce.

Rick VanderSpek, president and COO, Willmar Poultry Co. had this to say: “By focusing on our core strengths, which includes producing cost effective turkey eggs and poults, this proposed new structure provides the platform to work with Hybrid’s team to better serve all stakeholders. A big part of our future is developing the technology, processes and vaccines to help keep our industry competitive. This realignment allows us to focus key resources to these areas, while ensuring that turkey producers receive the highest quality poults possible.”

By establishing the owned Grandparent operation in the USA, Hybrid fulfills its strategic plan to have Parent stock production capabilities in three countries. This ensures security and supply of top quality Hybrid genetics worldwide.

“Our USA Grandparent production base will become a key element in our ability to serve the growing demand for Hybrid Parent stock worldwide. We are confident in the ability of the team and these facilities to deliver high quality healthy breeders to our clients in the USA,” said Scott Rowland, director of operations, Hybrid Turkeys.

The parties expect to finalise the agreement by December 31, 2014 and will begin the immediate process of planning with prospective customers.

Hybrid Turkeys is a part of Hendrix-Genetics, a Global leader in animal genetics. Based in Boxmeer, the Netherlands, Hendrix-Genetics has operations in 24 countries around the world supplying turkey, layer, pig and salmon genetics to protein producers.