Indonesia: QI to grow its Pekin duck business

13-08-2012 | | |
Indonesia: QI to grow its Pekin duck business

The increasing demand for Pekin duck carcass has made Quality Indonesia (QI), a company of Malindo group, more serious about growing its business.

Currently QI is capable of producing 50 thousand DOD per month from its two Pekin duck breeding farms located in Bogor, West Java. Next year, informed Mulyono Lim – QI operational manager, QI will add one new Pekin duck breeding farm in Subang, West Java.

Strain of Pekin ducks raised by QI are supplied by UK’s Lincolnshire-based Cherry Valley.

All final stock DOD is not raised entirely by QI, but also by local farmers with partnership model in many areas in West Java such as Bogor, Cianjur, Sukabumi and Bandung. Lim said, “Final stock DOD of Pekin duck, feed and veterinary medicine are provided by QI, while local farmer provides cage and labor. The final stock DOD is raised up to 3 kg of body weight by local farmer. Hereafter, the ducks are harvested, slaughtered and delivered to restaurants and cafes in Indonesia by QI.”

Pekin duck carcasses sold by QI are in frozen form at a price of IDR 35 thousand (€3.00) per kg.

Lim believes that when Indonesia’s economy continues to grow, the consumption of duck meat will also frow along with it.

Source: Arief Fachrudin