ISA opens new state of art PS and GPS hatchery

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ISA opens new state of art PS and GPS hatchery
ISA opens new state of art PS and GPS hatchery

ISA Poultry, the layer breeding division of Hendrix Genetics, opened its brand new PS and GPS hatchery in Boxmeer The Netherlands. ISA selected high standard suppliers to create the best possible hatching and biosecurity conditions. The new facility has the capacity to produce 5 million chicks per year.

“Consolidation in the layer breeding business has about come to an end”, said Servé Hermans, managing director of ISA during the official opening ceremony of the new hatchery on July 13 last. “Instead, within the production chain from producer to consumer, further consolidation and increasing efficiency will take place. In this context, the breeding company at the top of the production pyramid plays a leading role. Responding to changing consumer demands starts with selection and breeding. We have a commitment to serving the global egg industry in the most sustainable way. We have to expand our business in the face of a number of global welfare challenges. This is quite a responsibility which demands the highest possible conditions. That includes this new high tech facility. “

“The hatchery in Boxmeer has been and still is a top location and of major importance for us”, ISA’s director production Ron Jöerissen added. “The Netherlands is an important distribution country, situated at the port of Europe. Schiphol airport is also close at hand. It is a major hub with connections to all corners of the world. It is very important to distribute our chicks with the shortest possible transportation time. As such, the infrastructural position of The Netherlands is an important advantage for us.

We already have our hatchery in Boxmeer, the Netherlands. It was built by Euribrid in 1978 and has been a Hybro (broiler) GP and GPS hatchery for many years. Until Hendrix Genetics acquired Euribrid from Nutreco in 2007. Hendrix divested the Hybro division to Cobb and from that moment the hatchery was fully used for the ISA layer division. However, it is not meeting standards of today anymore. Moreover, extra capacity was needed. Finally energy consumption of the old hatchery was very inefficient.

As a result, the new facility is meeting today’s standards. It replaces one building of the former hatchery and covers a surface of over 4,000 m2. Once it is fully operational the other old building will disappear. ISA has opted for Pas Reform incubators and includes 50 SmartSetPro setters and 18 SmartHatchPro hatchers. The Smartpro technology incorporates Adaptive Metabolic Feedback (AMF) for simultaneous humidity and CO2 control and the ability to use Pas Reforms “Circadian Incubation” technology. 

Other suppliers include Bolidt who created hygienic, non-slip and low maintenance floors. Prinzen supplied egg transfer machines and iD projects from France installed hatchery automation systems, such as chick counting machines. Metaflex Isosystems constructed conditioned rooms.

Everything has been designed to produce chicks in a highly efficient, bio-secure and environmentally friendly way. The new hatchery represents 30% of the total PS and GPS incubation capacity of ISA. Other similar hatcheries are located in France, Canada, Brazil and Indonesia. Layer brands under ISA Poultry include ISA, Hisex, Babcock, Bovans, Dekalb and Shaver.

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