ISA succesful at London Poultry show in Canada

04-05-2011 | | |

The London Poultry Show in London, Ontario, is an important event for the Canadian poultry industry. Egg layer producers from Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and British Columbia came there to share their experiences with ISA products.

Both ISA Brown and Bovans White have strong positions in Canada. ISA say that for ISA Brown this is thanks to high production, good livability, nice brown shell colour and a small number of floor eggs. Bovans White continue to grow its market share thanks to their production figures. According to ISA, it’s an early mature bird with good shell quality and it is a reliable, easy to manage layer.
A new cross for the Canadian market is the Shaver White Docile. Many traditional Shaver users are impressed with the calm behaviour of the new cross. Birds are easy to grow, attain good body weight in growing and come fast with early egg production and early egg size. Many producers during the London show admitted that the Shaver White Docile comes much faster into production – two weeks earlier compared to the previous Shaver cross. Also the new bird has a good livability and better shell quality.

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