ISA to build new PS and GPS hatchery

13-01-2012 | | |

Institut de Sélection Animale (ISA) will build a brand new (Grand) Parent Stock hatchery in the Netherlands.

With a capacity of about five million Parent Stock per year, the new hatchery reflects the growth that the company has experienced over the last couple of years. ISA also shows its commitment to serve the global egg industry in a sustainable way. “The new hatchery will mark the success we have enjoyed in recent years, yet at the same time, supports our ambitions to expand ISA in the face of a number of global welfare challenges”, said Servé Hermans, ISA’s Managing Director.

The 4.080 m2 parent stock hatchery will be built as of March this year and showcases a number of state of the art technologies to produce day-old chicks in a highly efficient, biosecure and environmental-friendly manner. The hatchery will be equipped with the latest hatchery equipment of Pas Reform and the electrical and ventilation systems of Hollander Techniek.

The new facility is set to become an example of a truly energy-saving hatchery that complies with the most stringent biosecurity standards. It will be equipped with solar water heaters and water cooling systems with heat recovery to fresh incoming air and is designed to avoid cross-contamination at all costs.

Source: ISA Poultry