Kazakhstan’s poultry farmers reporting losses

17-02-2015 | | |
Kazakhstan’s poultry farmers reporting losses

Kazakhstan’s poultry farmers have been facing difficulties in the sale of poultry meat and eggs since the beginning of 2015, the president of the Union of Poultry Producers of Kazakhstan, Ruslan Sharipov has said.

“There is an overstock of poultry in many farms. Data up until February 2 of this year presented by poultry farms, show that there remain 11,000 tonnes of meat and 53 million eggs in the warehouses of farms,” Sharipov said, adding that 148,000 metric tonnes of poultry meat and 4.2 billion eggs were produced in 2014.

He explained that the problem of overstocking is related to the appearance of fairly cheap poultry products in supermarkets in Kazakhstan due to the fall of the Russian ruble.

“Large manufacturers from neighbouring countries are dumping and trying to push Kazakh producers from their own market,” he said, adding, “It is of concern that the selling prices of products imported from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine and other countries are lower than the domestic ones.”

He noted that the price of the Russian poultry meat was KZT 397 (US$ 2.11) per kg, and the price of one egg was KZT 19 (US$ 0.10) till November 2014.

“And over the past three months from November 2014 till January 2015 the price of poultry meat dropped to KZT 280 (US$ 1.48) per kg, and eggs – to KZT 14 (US$ 0.07) for one piece,” Sharipov confirmed.

He added that the initial cost of production of domestic poultry meat is about KZT 400 (US$ 2.12) per kg, and eggs KZT 13.8 (US$ 0.07) per one piece, while the selling prices range within KZT 468 (US$ 2.48) per kg and KZT 14-15 (US$ 0.07-0.08) per one piece respectively.

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Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern European correspondent