Latvian consumers want domestic poultry

25-03-2015 | | |
Latvian consumers want domestic poultry

Several Latvian poultry producers, including AO Putnu fabrika Kekava Ltd and Lielzeltini are putting the origin of their products on the packaging, letting consumers know that they are buying domestically produced poultry. Demand for domestically produced products is growing in Latvia.

“Our recently conducted study shows that more than 70% of Latvian citizens put great importance on the origin of food, and are looking for such information on the packaging,” said Andris Viltsmeyers, Chairman of the Board of Kekava, adding that Latvian consumers usually opt for domestically produced poultry.

Domestically grown birds

A special sign on the packaging confirms that the poultry meat comes from domestically grown birds, and that the meat has been produced in compliance with the veterinary legislation of the European Union and Latvia.

Emphasis on the origin of poultry

Kekava plans to invest €300,000 in the coming two years in the development of a new design concept for its retail chain which will put emphasis on the origin of poultry, with the goal of attracting more consumers who prefer domestically produced poultry. “In addition, we will continue to open new specialised Kekava stores, so more Latvian consumers will be able to buy domestically produced poultry meat,” added Andris Viltsmeyers.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern European correspondent