Linde’s new freezer for poultry processors

27-01-2010 | | |

Linde North America will launch the new Cryowave IQF tunnel freezer to the poultry industry at the International Poultry Exposition in Atlanta’s World Congress Center.

The Cryowave freezer is especially useful for processors who individually quick freeze poultry items such as diced and sliced products, wings, mechanically deboned product and any other small items that tend to clump or stick to belts, says the company.

The Cryowave freezer uses a proprietary, agitating wave action that gently tumbles layered products to lock in moisture and maximize yield, the company claimed.

The dual-mode freezer’s patented, controllable wave system delivers the highest attainable amount of IQF product. The vibration also can be turned off when processors want to freeze flat, trayed or formed products.

Mark DiMaggio, head of food and beverage markets at Linde North America: “Our new and improved Cryowave freezer has the most hygienic freezing platform on the market today, coupled with the highest capacity per unit of floorspace. The Cryowave has lower operating costs than any other IQF freezer, and is another example of how Linde gives processors the ability to maximize production capacity while processing the highest quality IQF product – critical benefits in this highly competitive market.”

Source: Food Business review

Natalie Kinsley Freelance journalist