Lohmann and Pas Reform train hatchery managers

26-09-2007 | | |
Lohmann and Pas Reform train hatchery managers

Lohmann Breeders recently teamed up with Pas Reform Academy and PTC+ in Barneveld, theĀ Netherlands, to deliver a training program for 15 hatchery managers from eight businesses in former Soviet Union countries Russia, Armenia, Ukraine, Latvia and Lithuania.

Pas Reform Academy and PTC+ provided a unique, tailor-made training program, translating the latest concepts of incubation and hatchery management for hatchery professionals.
According to participants, the combination of theory and practice was ideal, with teachings trialed in a series of practical exercises and then reviewed within the course framework so that participants could immediately see the results of their new-found knowledge.
The course introduced the latest findings in all areas of hatching in great detail – from collecting eggs for incubation, through embryo development, egg disinfection and storage, to state-of-the-art incubation techniques.
Hatchery managers were able to see the embryos at every stage of their development, and seeing first-hand how mistakes in transportation, storage and incubation can influence the development and quality of the hatched chicks.
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