Malaysia battles fly breeding in poultry houses

14-08-2012 | | |
Malaysia battles fly breeding in poultry houses

In Malaysia an influx of flies have begun appearing as the onset of the wet season begins, leading some locals to blame nearby poultry facilities.

The problem has been blamed on the “open concept poultry farming” practised by some businesses. Although new investors must use a closed farming concept, existing farmers have been given time to gradually move to the closed farming concept.

Fly breeding occurs when the poultry droppings are wet and not when it is kept dry. Poultry droppings can get wet due to rain beating into the open poultry sheds, from leaking poultry drinking water containers or drinking nipples. They can also be caused by excessive moisture in the dropping itself.

To prevent this the floor of the poultry shed should be cemented for easy cleaning. Secondly, the roof of the sheds should be extended sufficiently on both sides to prevent rain water beating into the sheds and wetting the poultry litter (poultry manure/poultry droppings). Thirdly, a layer of sawdust should be spread daily over the poultry droppings to absorb excessive moisture in the droppings to keep them dry.

Source: The Star