Misamfu Hatchery reopens

18-05-2007 | | |

After 10 years of inactivity, Misamfu Hatchery in the northern province of Zambia, Kasama, has resumed operations.

In August 2006, Former Agriculture Minister Mundia Sikatana visited the hatchery and found that equipment was intact. He handed over Misamfu Hatchery to the Livestock Development Trust and since then the hatchery became operational.
Misamfu hatchery manager, Mubiana Nalubutu, said the hatchery is producing 2,500 chicks per week, but hopes to move to 5,000 in the next two months.
Poultry farmers in the region are happy to have the hatchery operating once again, as previously they had to rely on supplies from Lusaka. Many chicks had died on the way from Lusaka due to the long distance of over 800 kilometres, while those that survived were stressed.

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