Multivac extends traysealer range of packaging machines

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Multivac extends traysealer range of packaging machines

Multivac expands its traysealer range with several product innovations at interpack 2011 in Düsseldorf in Germany. They offer additional solutions for packing in trays in semi-automatic systems for small processors, as well as automated systems for industrial processors.

The small size T100 model has been designed for small processors, whereas the T 300 extends therange of automatic traysealers to the existing T 700 and T 800 models, with a model in the lower output class. The T 300 seals roughly 20 packs a minute. The trays are fed automatically.

The T 300 consumes less energy with the use of electric lifting units. Compressed air is only required for the sealing procedure. Changing the format is very easy as it is supported by the software and tools are not needed. A change trolley is not required and changing the upper web is also simple.

The second product innovation for the automatic traysealer is the T 850 – a high-output model and the first two-lane traysealer from Multivac. The T 850 seals roughly 80 to 100 trays per minute, which makes it suitable for production plants with high capacity and is usually integrated into automatic packaging lines. The main area of application is packing food products such as meat, sausage or convenience products.

The operating principle of the T 850 is based on the one-lane T 800. However, the new model can produce standard as well as special packaging, such as various skin packs. To facilitate the die change, Multivac provides a die change trolley and a shelving system for storing the dies. A pre-heating unit for pre-heating the dies outside the machine is also included.


All three new models are made of high-grade stainless steel and adhere to the hygienic design. Thanks to their reduced consumption of energy and packaging material, they contribute to sustainable economic practice. The T 300 and the T 850 are fitted with the intuitive HMI 2.0 user interface, which enables production parameters to be easily made.
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