Paraguay eyes export markets with traceability system

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Paraguay eyes export markets with traceability system
Paraguay eyes export markets with traceability system

The Government and private sector of Paraguay has launched a poultry traceability system, which aims to meet the highest standards of premium export markets.

The Deputy Ministry of Livestock of Paraguay (MAG), Luis GoiburĂș, president of the National Animal Quality and Health (SENACSA), Hugo Idoyaga, and the president of the Paraguayan Association of Chicken Producers and Exporters (APPEP), Pilar Zubizarreta, launched the traceability system for the poultry sector, which is an adaptation of the Sigor traceability system, in order to export chicken meat to premium markets.

The Sigor traceability system, is a software tool that was started for cattle and in the future this will provide a major boost for the Paraguayan poultry sector.

This is a first step in preparing the country so that future poultry production can be audited by the markets demanding better prices such as Chile, countries in the Pacific, Japan and Europe, according to Zubizarreta.

This adaptation of Sigor for producing broilers allow poultry farmers to trace meat using a label that can identify flocks and go back to find out which vaccines were applied and which health events occurred. Monitoring will be from the first day of the bird, passing from the stage of breeding to the time of slaughter, identifying what the bird ate, what supplements were received, the medical history of the bird, etc.

A projected growth of 15% in chicken meat production has been reported for this year compared to 2013. Last year, about 50 million birds were slaughtered, and in 2014 a projected 58 million birds, equating to about 100,000 tons of chicken meat.

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