Peco Batesville complex wins breeder award

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Peco Batesville complex wins breeder award

The award for the best Cobb700 breeder performance in the US went to Peco Food’s Batesville complex in Arkansas.

Peco’s achieved an average of 158.09 total eggs, and 129.44 chicks, per hen housed with the Cobb 700 from 25 weeks to 65 weeks of age.

Peco’s team at Batesville is lead by Duane Weems, director of live production, and Rusty Langle, breeder/hatchery manager, who said they were appreciative of Cobb’s support in their success at the award presentation dinner for the entire breeder team. 

Their complex has been very consistent in success with the Cobb700 over the past three years. “From their first flock placed in August of 2008, they have provided excellent management to produce successful results on the Cobb700,“ said Chance Bryant, Cobb’s technical service manager. 

Begun in 2004, these awards recognise the overall best performance in the country with Cobb500 and Cobb700 breeding stock. Awards were also presented to the top six regional winners throughout the US In 2011. Completed flock data were collected from 465 Cobb700 flocks totalling more than seven million pullets.

Source: Cobb Vantress

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