Potters Poultry installs first aviary for Israel

16-04-2010 | | |
Potters Poultry installs first aviary for Israel

UK’s Potters Poultry, manufacturer for alternative laying systems, has installed the first Avitier aviary system in Israel, in conjunction with their distributor AgriGo.

The company states that the system was chosen because of its construction for ease of movement of the birds around the building and the ease to move from one tier to another.

With a central nest system using the proven avinest, the birds are easily visable at all times and the egg collection is focused on one central point.

The building in Israel is designed to house 21,000 birds to EU stocking levels and is seen as a move by the industry in Israel to move to an alternative system of egg production.

Natalie Kinsley Freelance journalist