Russian poultry producers test mycotoxin sorbent

27-01-2012 | | |

Specialists of Association of poultry producers of Russia (Rosptitsesoyuz) with the participation of a number of major Russian agricultural institutes have tested mikosorbent (mycotoxins sorbent) MTox+ of the French company Olmix.

Poultry were divided into two groups of 140 animals each, and all of them received feed containing mycotoxins, where the experimental group also receive mikosorbent MTox + in the feed.
There was a trend towards an increase in body weight of broilers of the experimental group receiving mikosorbent MTox + and this was observed throughout the growing period: at day 14 and increase of 1.7-5.8%, day 21 an increase of 2.5-6.1% and at 36 days of life 4.4-7.2%.
At the same time live weight of males and females in these groups exceeded the control values by 5.9-6.6% (males) and 2.7-7.8% (females).
Average daily gain of live weight of broilers of experimental group was also higher in the sorbent group (4.5-7.3%) with lower consumption of feed (-1.0-2.5%). 
Over the entire trial period the total feed costs in the experimental group were 3.4-4.9% higher compared with the control group.
The digestibility of protein in the experimental group was higher by 1.2-2%, of fat by 1.4-2.3, the usage of lysine and methionine – by 1.1-2.3, and 0.9-1.6% respectively. 
Availability of calcium and phosphorus was at the level of control group, while the level of manganese, zinc, iron and copper has been significantly higher and improved with increasing of the doses of mikosorben MTox+ in the compound feed.
The economic efficiency of the use of mikosorbent MTox + in quantities of 1 kg/tonne of compound feed was about 2.99 rubles (US$ 0,10) per bird, and with 2 kg of sorbent it will rise up to 3.61 rubles (US$ 0.12).per one broiler. 
The experts of Rosptitsesoyuz recommended the use of mikosorbent MTox+ in all poultry farms to control the level of mycotoxins in feed production.