Russia’s Cherkizovo expects poultry prices to rise

02-02-2011 | | |

Russia’s biggest meat producer Cherkizovo expects higher poultry prices following a cut in import quotas. The company which in its latest figures reported a 5% increase in poultry sales to 194,100 tonnes, also forecast solid volume growth this year.

Prices for poultry sales in dollar terms increased by 1% from $2.34 per kg in 2009 to $2.37 per kg in 2010 (excluding VAT). Prices in rouble terms decreased by 3% from 74.33 roubles per kg in 2009 to 71.89 roubles per kg in 2010 (excluding VAT).

The pricing environment for poultry products at the end of 2010 was affected by a large share of imports entering Russia in the fourth quarter. This led to higher inventory stocks and put pressure on prices during the first quarter of 2011.

However, given the considerable reduction in poultry import quotas, together with expected meat price inflation resulting from rising input costs, the company expects upward trends in poultry prices from the second quarter of the year.