So Good Food responds to chicken demand

14-03-2012 | | |

Responding to the increasing demand of ready-to-eat chicken products in Indonesia, PT So Good Food (SGF), a company of Japfa group, has built a new further processing facility in Boyolali, Central Java.

Before SGF building this new facility, SGF already has three further processing facilities located in Tangerang, Surabaya and Lampung.
This new further processing facility consists of a slaughter facility with a 3,000 broilers per hour through-put, cold storage with a 70 tonnes capacity, a meat grinder to produce 3 tonnes deboned meat per hour, and 12 chicken sausage processing machines. These facilities have been in operation since May 2011,  producing the ready-to-eat chicken sausage brand “So Nice”. Currently these facilities can produce 12,500 boxes of “So Nice” per day.
According to SGF project development manager, Sukareanto, these facilities have cost approximately IDR 15 billion (€1.25 million) for slaughter facility and IDR 60 billion (€5.0 million) for chicken sausage processing machines. This month (March 2012), Sukareanto said, they will invest IDR 10 billion (€0.8 million) to increase the production capacity of the slaughter facility and chicken sausage processing machines.