SPACE: FAF cage ventilation wins three star Innov’Space award

14-09-2011 | | |
SPACE: FAF cage ventilation wins three star Innov’Space award

French ventilation company FAF has won the prestigious three-star Innov’Space award at the first day of the annual livestock show in Rennes, France.


Of the 53 awards receiving one or two stars, there were only seven that were awarded a complimentary star at the show’s exhibition party.

The company’s FAF Le Rêve Tangential Ventilation is described as an air circulation system designed for FAF Le Rêve collective cages. It provides horizontal ventilation and clips to the centre of the modules, providing ventilation for two coops of twelve ducks.

The system, made of ABS plastic enables less air to be used while increasing the amount and uniformity of ventilation right along the line of cages. Both power consumption and noise are decreased.

Other winners of three stars included:

– Nutrea Nutrition Animale (TruieBox: a feed density indicator) – feed, pigs

– Gallagher (Smart Power Mi: electric fencing) – cattle, sheep

– Veng System (Intelligent Canopy: a piglets pen) – pigs

– Mechineau Elevage Industrie (V5: calf feed dispenser) – feed, cattle

– AGID (ID_Parlour: Milking help) – cattle, sheep

– Acémo (Eliskool: feedstuff distribution equipment) – feed, pigs

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