Tajikistan to increase poultry production by 40%

13-02-2015 | | |
Tajikistan to increase poultry production by 40%

This year Tajikistan will increase its poultry production by 40% and its egg production by 16%, as a result of investments in the expansion of production capacities, reported the country’s agricultural minister Mashokir Nazarov.

According to the minister this year Tajikistan will produce 500 million eggs and 2,000 tonnes of chicken meat, compared with 420 million eggs and 1,200 tonnes in 2014.

Five new poultry farms

The increase of the production capacities will be achieved by the launching of five new poultry farms this year. Mashokir Nazarov specified that these enterprises will be located in the Khatlon and Sughd districts of the country. Two of them will focus on the production of chicken meat, the others will produce eggs. The first new farm should be operational in March.

Mashokir Nazarov also noted that the major problem of the domestic poultry industry remains the dependency on the import of feed, mostly from Argentina, Poland, Germany and the Baltic republics. “With the increase of capacities for the production of poultry feed inside the country, the development of the poultry industry will further accelerate.”

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern European correspondent