UK: FSA revises egg safety advice

19-12-2011 | | |

As part of a drive to cut food waste, the UK”s Food Standards Agency has revised its advice on using eggs after their ‘best before’ date.

The advice now is that, providing the eggs are cooked thoroughly, they can be eaten a day or two after their ‘best before’ date.

Previously, the advice was that eggs should not be eaten after their ‘best before’ date, as eggs can sometimes contain salmonella bacteria. If salmonella is present in eggs, it could multiply to high levels and cause food poisoning. But salmonella contamination levels in UK-produced eggs are low, and salmonella is killed by thorough cooking.

The organisation advises that eggs can be eaten after their ‘best before’ date, as long as they are cooked thoroughly until both yolk and white are solid, or if they are used in dishes where they will be fully cooked, such as a cake.

Source: Food Standards Agency