Vaksindo claims success in VIV Asia 2011

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Vaksindo claims success in VIV Asia 2011

Vaksindo, a part of Japfa group focusing its business in animal health and vaccines, was the only Indonesian based animal veterinary company exhibiting at VIV Asia 2011.

The Vice President of Vaksindo, Maureen Kalona Kandou, said that it was the first time for Vaksindo to join VIV Asia. At VIV Asia 2011, Vaksindo tried to increase its export volume from 10% to 20% from the current total production. “That’s why we targeted to enter animal vaccine market in Asia, Africa and countries in Middle East,” she said.

“And the result was satisfying. Around 116 agents or distributors from different countries are interested to cooperate to distribute our products. Some of them such as from Vietnam, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Iran, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia and Yemen have entered final negotiation with us,” said Kandou.

Kandou informed that at that event, they promoted 32 vaccines in various dosages, types (killed and live vaccine) and administration (at farm and hatchery). “Besides promoting our products, we also informed to the visitors that we are now a part of Japfa group. The reason was to convince the visitors that we have strong commitment to provide good quality products based on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and ISO standards,” she told.  

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