Venezuela opens its doors to Paraguayan poultry meat

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Venezuela opens its doors to Paraguayan poultry meat
Venezuela opens its doors to Paraguayan poultry meat

Venezuela has opened its market to shipments of poultry meat and its byproducts, according to the Paraguayan National Chancery.

The agreement was achieved through a business initative called: ‘How to Do Business with Paraguay’, organised by the Embassy of Paraguay in Caracas. The event was held on 27th and 28th of October in the Venezuelan capital with the participation of government officials, businessmen and representatives of chambers of commerce of Paraguay and Venezuela.

During the event important agreements, to the benefit the entire meat industry (chicken, beef, pork, cattle and animal genetics), were made. Together with business intentions to the value of more than US$55 million.

The documents were signed by Dr Hugo Idoyaga, the president of the National Quality and Animal Health Service (SENACSA), and Vladimir Cordova Bello, agronomist engineer and President of the National Institute of Integral Agricultural Health (INSAI) of Venezuela. And in the presence of the Minister of Commerce of Venezuela, Isabel Delgado; Paraguay’s ambassador in Caracas, Enrique Jara Ocampos; Deputy Minister for Latin America and the Caribbean of Venezuelan Chancellery, Alexander YaƱez, etc.

In total seven agreements were signed: chicken meat and its byproducts; boneless and frozen beef; pork and by-products; bovine embryos; frozen semen of bovine and buffaloes; cattle and buffaloes.

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