Coming soon: Antibiotic Reduction special

05-10-2023 | |
Photo:Hans Prinsen
Photo:Hans Prinsen

Poultry World is publishing a special magazine based on the topic of Antibiotic Reduction in December. This special will bring together articles from experts in the field of antibiotic reduction, researchers and other independent authorities and will offer different ways to get in contact with your audience. Don’t miss out and reserve a spot now.

Producing healthy and safe animal products is key for a successful business. This can be achieved by implementing the right management, welfare practices and disease control programmes. Healthy livestock production is increasingly linked to methods without the use of preventative antibiotics. Moving away from antibiotics can be challenging and requires a new way of thinking, adapting feeding practices and biosecurity plans.

Topics in this special will include:

  • Best practices to reduce antibiotics
  • Biosecurity and management practices
  • Boosting the immune system naturally
  • And much more…

Print, digital and online possibilities

The special will be included with the #9 issue of the regular print magazine. The magazine will also be distributed at the IPPE EXPO in Atlanta, USA. All the articles will be published online and highlighted in special e-newsletters.

van Es-Sahota
Sunita van Es-Sahota Editor special projects