June Business Update: What’s new in the world of poultry?

June Business Update: What’s new in the world of poultry?

We’re keeping our finger on the pulse and bring you a summary of the latest business updates from the global poultry industry this June.

Marel’s acquisition of Wenger successfully closed

Marel has successfully closed the US$540 million acquisition of Wenger Manufacturing, a global player in processing solutions in pet food, plant-based proteins, and aqua feed markets. With over 500 employees located in close vicinity to Marel in Kansas (US), Valinhos (Brazil), and Kolding (Denmark), Wenger’s revenues in 2022 are expected to be US$190 million.

Australian Eggs launches EggTrace

Photo: Australian Eggs

As part of a project to drive improved food safety and security across the agriculture sector, Australian Eggs launches EggTrace, a tool designed to help egg farmers trace eggs back from point of purchase to the date and location that the eggs were laid. By creating full visibility on the path an egg takes from lay to despatch, egg farmers can more easily and efficiently identify any quality or health issues affecting eggs, ensuring a safer and more reliable egg supply chain.

HatchTech introduces the new HatchCare

HatchTech Incubation Technology has launched the new HatchCare whereby the company says chicks hatch under optimum and uniform temperature conditions and are provided with feed, fresh water and light as soon as they hatch. In addition, the reversed fan technology means more fresh air. This combination of features, says the company, not only delivers stronger, healthier chicks, but is also a significant step towards more animal-friendly, antibiotic-free poultry production.

More eggs per hen with Anpario’s Orego-Stim Liquid

A study recently conducted by Anpario with a European free-range producer has shown that hens offered drinking water supplemented with Anpario’s natural, oregano essential oil additive, Orego-Stim Liquid, provided a significant return on investment and a sustainable solution to support free-range production. In the study, 64,000 free-range laying from 21-76 weeks of age produced 22 extra eggs per hen compared to hens in the control group. Furtherthomore, research at North Carolina State University shows that free-range hens fed Orego-Stim, containing 100% oregano essential oil, had a lower mean roundworm count, lower tapeworm infections and that the relative risk of tapeworm infection was reduced by up to 54%.

Cargill to acquire Delacon

The acquisition combines Cargill’s expertise in animal nutrition technologies with Delacon’s knowledge in phytogenic feed additives, a category that uses a broad range of herbs, plants and their extracts, such as essential oils, to improve livestock and aquaculture performance and promote animal health. The acquisition is expected to close mid-2022.

DSM acquires Prodap in Brazil

Royal DSM will acquire Brazilian animal nutrition and technology company, Prodap. Through its portfolio of digital solutions, Prodap collects data and develops insights in real time, which are then translated into nutritional solutions for customers. The company has operations in Mato Grosso and Minas Gerais and employs 330 employees, serving more than 5,000 farms across Brazil.

Nuqo appoints Salmix as distribution partner in Brazil

Nuqo has appointed Salmix as the preferred distribution partner for their range of feed additives in Brazil. Nuqo says that its portfolio includes new technologies, which are based on the micro-encapsulation of phytogenics and phycogenics, that are designed to specifically release active molecules on spot to support gut health, mitigate challenges and boost animal performance. The portfolio includes a range of palatants and flavours for feed.

Zoetis reports successful initiative in Sub-Saharan Africa

Kristin Peck, Zoetis CEO, meets Annette Keto, owner of Sebbi Farms in Uganda, to discuss the successes of the A.L.P.H.A. initiative. Photo: Zoetis

Zoetis has reported progress of its 5-year African Livestock Productivity and Health Advancement (A.L.P.H.A.) initiative to establish sustainable veterinary care including access to vaccines, medicines and diagnostic services in Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania and Ethiopia. Major areas of the initiative were increased availability of veterinary medicine and medicalization rate, sustainable diagnostic infrastructure provision, and professional development and business training courses to veterinary stakeholders.

Nutreco receives grant for feed solutions for producers in Africa

Nutreco has received a US$4.8 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for the implementation of localised, sustainable complete feed production in sub-Saharan Africa. The grant will fund 21 Hendrix4U complete feed production projects initially in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Uganda. Hendrix4U provides a ‘factory-in-a-box’ for rural areas ensuring access to quality compound feed production for small-scale producers, in a financially sustainable way.

EuroTier 2022 to award innovative livestock solutions

As part of EuroTier, organiser DLG (German Agricultural Society) will present 3 award schemes for innovative solutions in the livestock sector and reflect the central fields of innovation, namely visions and concepts, animal welfare and animal health, and equipment and products available for practical use.

Metex Nøøvistago launches Inneus

Biochemistry company, Metex Nøøvistago, introduces Inneus, which are available for poultry and piglets, and are based on a combination of functional amino acids with specifically selected polyphenols. The range aims to positively influence intestinal health.

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