May Business Update: What’s new in the world of poultry?

May Business Update: What’s new in the world of poultry?

We’re keeping our finger on the pulse and bring you a summary of the latest business updates from the global poultry industry this May.

Nutrase P obtains European approval for use in poultry feed

Nutrex, a producer of specialty feed products, has announced that the European Commission has granted authorisation for placing Nutrase P, a highly efficient 6-phytase enzyme, on the European market. This approval allows its use as an animal feed additive for all poultry species kept for fattening, all poultry species reared for laying, and ornamental birds. The company says that the product increases digestive efficiency and helps release phosphorus from phytate, resulting in better absorption of essential nutrients such as phosphorus, calcium and other minerals.

Aviagen Rustic Gold receives RSPCA approval

Photo: Aviagen
Photo: Aviagen

Aviagen has announced that its Rustic Gold bird has been accepted for use under the RSPCA Assured animal welfare scheme. The Rustic Gold is the latest addition to Aviagen’s Rowan Range of slower-growing and coloured breed options to be awarded the accreditation, alongside the previously approved Ranger Gold and Ranger Classic. With a mix of brown and white plumage, the slower-growing Rustic Gold brings a balance of welfare and performance, combined with strong feed efficiency.

TPI-Polytechniek launches Vuela ventilation inlet

TPI-Polytechniek has introduces Vuela, a ventilation inlet designed to optimise airflow within facilities. Vuela is equipped with an innovative V-shaped inner valve that guides air. This unique shape ensures that air jets penetrate deep into the facility, guaranteeing even and effective distribution of cool air, from a minimum capacity of 55 cfm at 0.05 SP at the minimum opening to a maximum capacity of 1887 cfm at 0.15 SP at full opening.

Optifarm and Farmex collaboration aims to improve management

Farmex generates and analyses data from farms through Barn Report Pro while Optifarm has an app that uses data from various sources and employs AI to analyse measured parameters and look for any anomalies. Barn Report Pro and the Optifarm app have teamed up to ensure easier access and tactical use of data for both pig and poultry farmers.

Lubing launches new website to mark 75th anniversary

Lubing, a specialist in drinking, conveyor and climate systems, celebrates its 75th anniversary and presents a renewed website. Since its foundation in May 1949, he company has developed into a global player with a presence in 87 countries. The new website features a modernised look and product portfolio.

Lallemand’s journey to more resilient selenized yeast production

Lallemand is making significant investments in one of its selenized yeast plant in Felixstowe in the UK. This is one of the company’s main production sites for selenium-enriched yeast, Alkosel, for which a specific production process has been developed. Alkosel is produced by fed-batch culture: nutrients, including selenium, are supplied incrementally to the growing cells.

Announcing Fortiva – ingredients for pig/poultry/dairy health

Fortiva, formerly PMI Additives, serves large integrators and producers, veterinarians, independent nutritionists, feed manufacturers, co-ops and dealers throughout the US by offering the poultry, pig, dairy and cattle industries a portfolio of non-medicated feed additives designed to work with an animal’s physiology to support animal resilience. The company combines feed technologies, such as Ambitine, FloMatrix and Vitacy FeedLock and is also launching new technologies within the monogastric and ruminant spaces.

Lanxess develops biosecurity solutions app

Specialty chemicals company Lanxess has developed a Lanxess Biosecurity Solutions app for farmers and veterinarians to enable them to protect livestock quickly and effectively in the event of disease outbreaks. The new app, which offers functions tailored to the needs of farmers and veterinarians, is now available.

Nuqo expands into India

Nuqo, a feed additives company headquartered in Europe, has announced the opening of its new affiliate in India. The company develops technologies based on the micro-encapsulation of metabolites from plants and seaweed (phytogenics and phycogenics). In recent years, Nuqo has expanded its distribution network globally and established regional hubs, including affiliates in Thailand and, more recently, in Mexico.

The National Farm Management Conference will focus on intelligent management

The National Farm Management Conference will return to the QEII Centre in London on 7 November 2024. Run by the Institute of Agricultural Management, this year’s conference will explore intelligent management for the future, covering innovations in intelligent farm systems and how people management and a range of new technical and business skills, including automation and artificial intelligence, remain vital to success. The event includes an opening session from Máximo Torero, chief economist at the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation. He will share set the global scene with a view on commodity prices, input costs and outline the challenges of scarcity of supply and cost inflation.

2024 IFAJ/Alltech Young Leaders in Agricultural Journalism Award recipients announced

The International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ) and Alltech have since 2006 partnered to support the Young Leaders in Agricultural Journalism Awards that recognise the leadership potential of young (under 35 years of age) members. On offer are 10 scholarship opportunities to attend the IFAJ Congress, held this August in Switzerland. The winners also participate in a 3-day professional development workshop prior to the congress. The 2024 Young Leaders are Alex Black (UK) Emma Davies (Ghana), Courtney Girgis (US), Kristina Hansén (Sweden), Wiebke Hermann (Germany), Brooke Littlewood (Australia), Duncan Masiwa (South Africa), Daniel Plaisu (Romania), Michaela Sandmayr (Austria), and Carola Urdangarin (Argentina).

Novus names new business director in Asia

Rajeev Murthy has joined Novus as senior director and managing director of Asia Pacific. Originally from Bangalore, India, Murthy brings with him over 25 years of industry experience and will focus on steering the intelligent nutrition company’s strategy in this vital market. He will be based at the company’s office in Bangkok, Thailand. “For poultry, driving profitable growth while being mindful of changing customer needs where sustainability and antibiotic use are concerned is important,” he says.


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