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Animal nutrition is constantly evolving, especially when it comes to productivity management, and we have seen great genetic progress in recent years. The broiler’s intestine is complex and its health is crucial in maximising performance. Gut health is about the balance between diet, proper digestion/absorption, stable and beneficial microbiota and the effective immune status of the gut. To reach high body weight gain and healthy growth, it is crucial to improve feed efficiency with an optimum nutrition program, especially in the early stages. Recent studies have shown that chicks that have early access to feed and water, either in the hatchery or in the barn, resulted in higher body weights and fewer footpad lesions in later life. Our 3 expert speakers will share their latest knowledge in how to give your chick the best start in life. Sign up for this free webinar now!


Dr. ir. Ingrid de Jong

Senior scientific researcher and project manager at the department of Animal Welfare and Animal Health from Wageningen Livestock Research

Alternative hatching systems applying early feeding: effects on broiler welfare and performance

This presentation will provide an overview of the existing knowledge on the effect of alternative hatching systems that provide early feeding and the short- and long-term effects on welfare and performance of broiler chickens.

Antoine Meuter
Global Product Technical Manager Poultry at CHR Hansen

The power of good bacteria from Day 1

Presentation summary: 

  • Which early life challenges can be mitigated with good bacteria in broilers?
  • The importance of establishing and maintaining a robust gut microbiome
  • Enterococcus cecorum, an emerging pathogen to be tackled from Day one

Jan Wijnen, Dr.

Researcher poultry incubation & early feed at Hatchtech

Optimal early life conditions: a powerful long-lasting weapon against poultry diseases

Presentation summary:

  • Early feeding alters resilience of poultry to necrotic enteritis
  • Early feeding alters resilience of broilers to respiratory colibacillosis at 2 weeks post hatch
  • Biological mechanism that do or do not explain these findings

Fabian Brockötter

Host and editor Poultry World