On-demand webinar: Sustainable poultry farming

On-demand webinar: Sustainable poultry farming

Did you miss it? In June, Poultry World hosted a webinar on the pertinent topic of sustainable poultry farming. If you missed this webinar or would like to watch it again, be sure to catch it on demand – it’s available now!

Sustainability is all-encompassing and includes care for the environment, the birds, animal welfare, food safety and security and also for the all-important economics. However, not every element works together without a hitch, and so getting the balance right is key.

Presentations and expert speakers

  1. Poultry immunisation as the basis of sustainable production
    Marco Aurélio Elmer Lopes, global poultry marketing manager at Ceva
    This presentation was based on how the proper immunisations of the birds in poultry production can contribute to improved broiler health. Protection against several diseases allows the chicks in different phases of their lives to develop to their potential and our expectations.
  2. The round egg
    Noud Janssen, founder of Hub Orange!
    A sustainable supply chain is round, and partners are equal. Janssen talks about Glocal Farming and highlights a supply chain that can be upscaled and replicated, and notes that local farming is important to secure fresh food locally: “The role of local food production is essential as an add-on to global supply chains.” He talks about concepts of floating farms and bakery waste as feed, and highlights the ‘round egg’ circular project, which starts and ends with the customer/consumer. He talks about replacing soya and the potential of insects.
  3. The contribution of genetic improvement to the sustainability of poultry production
    Tim Burnside, global manager welfare, sustainability & compliance at Aviagen
    In his presentation, Burnside talks about the impact of agriculture on carbon emissions and the role that poultry plays. He discusses balanced breeding and looks at the possibility of improving the biological efficiency of the chicken while reducing the carbon impact. He also presents information on the contribution of soya-based diets to land use change, and formulating soya-free poultry diets.

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