On-demand webinar: Precision livestock farming

On-demand webinar: Precision livestock farming

On 7 July, Poultry World hosted a webinar in partnership with Evonik on ‘3 ways precision livestock farming will change the industry’.

In this webinar, which was recorded live, an expert in the field, Marcos Fraiha, global business development, precision livestock farming at Evonik, takes an in-depth look at this pertinent topic.

Precision livestock farming is all about data collection and standardisation for animal monitoring and decision-making on a farm. The bridge between the ideals of farming digitalisation and automation and the reality of adoption needs yet to be crossed.

However, the demographic and economic forces pushing to Precision Livestock Farming movement are clearly consolidated, and technological adoption is re-shaping our expectations in terms of efficiency, transparency and decision-making in animal production.

Natalie Kinsley Freelance journalist