Tips to improve yield and carcass quality

03-09-2013 | |
Tips to improve yield and carcass quality
Tips to improve yield and carcass quality

The objective of a processing operation is to achieve the highest possible volume of edible meat from the chicken carcass. Firstly, this much depends on the design, maintenance and management of the plant. But practical matters also count. Tips and ideas, coming from experience in Latin American plants help improving yield and carcass quality.

Poultry processing starts with the preslaughter process at the growing farm. Mainly this refers to harvest and transportation, whereas in the plant the true processing is taking place. In all these stages steps can be taken to decrease the percentage of downgrading such as bruises, scratches, broken bones, death on arrival (DOA), etc., which daily occur in processing plants. Ideas that are already working in many Latin American plants, are good examples for lowering these factors of downgrading. As a result, also yield in chicken meat increases and the integral quality of processed chicken improves.

The major objective of linking some specific areas during preslaughter (harvest and transportation to the plant), and processing operations, is to help improve the quality of live chickens that arrive at the plant and to at the end of the line increase the quality and performance of the processed chicken.

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