Central theme of Poultry Worlds hybrid seminar during VIV Europe will be how we can achieve healthier poultry through a balanced gut health and supplying the bird with all the necessary nutrients its requires. Learn from our experts how to cope with, or even anticipate on health challenges, how to choose the right ingredients and additives and last but not least how to get the best performing flock with the least of worries. The hybrid seminar will highlight the interactions feeding strategies have on the gastro intestinal tract and hence the overall health of the bird.


Maarten De Gussem

DVM, Global Poultry Consultant

Academic Adviser Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
University of Ghent, Department of Pathology, Bacteriology and Avian Diseases

Presentation title:

“A vets perspective on gut health and antibiotic

Antonia Tacconi (PhD)

Global Product Manager Gut Health for Perstorp Animal Nutrition

Presentation title:

Gut health and the role of Short Chain Fatty Acids

Single chain fatty acids and gut health, butyric and valeric acid and their effects on animals, animal performance and SCFA’s

Prof. Jarosław Dastych, PhD

Founder, CEO and President of the Board at Proteon Pharmaceuticals S.A

Presentation title:

Antibiotics reduction via novel Bacteriophage-based feed additives

  • Intro to Bacteriophages
  • Mode of action
  • Our technology
  • Products portfolio for poultry (BAFACOL ;  BAFASAL + G)
  • Efficacy of our solutions 

Laura Hoving

Technical services manager Poultry EMEA at Chr. Hansen

Presentation title:

“Don’t let raw materials ruin your profitability”

How can good bacteria help you to:

  • Keep up with consumer trends
  • Tackle market challenges, 
  • Stay profitable in a long term

Fabian Brockötter

Host and editor Poultry World


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