Poultry World will host a webinar on ”Advanced Poultry Farming’‘ on November 9th at 15.00 CET. Don’t miss out on our valuable content and register for this free webinar now.

In this webinar we will go beyond traditional feathers and beaks, into the domain of advanced poultry farming. Looking at the current and future developments where innovation, technology, and conscientious practices converge to shape a more efficient, humane, and productive industry. Poultry farming has long been a cornerstone of global agriculture, providing a vital source of protein for populations around the globe. However, the challenges faced by the industry are evolving, necessitating a paradigm shift in our approach. In our webinar we explore the forefront of poultry farming, where precision farming, artificial intelligence, sustainable practices, and animal welfare considerations merge to redefine how we rear and manage our birds. Discover how data-driven decision-making is revolutionizing feed formulations, optimizing growth rates, and mitigating health risks.


Giovanni Montefiori

Co-founder Beakbook

Title of the presentation

Re-thinking compliance with Artificial Intelligence

  • Introduction to stocking density
  • Industry practices for stocking compliance
  • Using AI to approach 100% compliance
  • Future applications of artificial intelligence in compliance and planning

Dr. Evi Croes

R&D Manager

Title of the presentation

Dairy lipids: the fat navigator for lean growth

  • Introduction on the role of fat in broilers – slaughter efficiëncy
  • Fat metabolism
  • Role of fat navigator in advanced poultry farming
  • Role of MFGM within the concept
  • Trial results broilers

Manu De Laet

Phytogenic Poultry Technical Lead

Title of the presentation

How Additives Help for a Sustainable, Advanced Poultry Production

  • What are Postbiotics and Phytogenics
  • How do Phytogenics and Postbiotics Fit the United Nations Sustainability Goals

Fabian Brockotter

Host and editor Poultry World