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HatchTech to construct world's largest hatchery

Ukraine's Myronivsky Hliboproduct, together with HatchTech, have signed an agreement for the installation of the world's largest hatchery operation. The project is a part of the company's expansion project called ”Vinnytsya Poultry Farm”. The new hatchery will hatch approx. 6 mln day-old chicks per week.

Myronivsky Hliboproduct selected HatchTechnology based on its efficient building concept (honeycomb setter tray + HatchTech CyCleanTM: 25% more space efficient); its energy efficient heating and cooling system; its proven incubation concept of laminar airflow; and its expertise in building large scale turn key facilities.

A team of technicians, incubation specialists and sales support managers have worked intensively on the MHP project, says HatchTech.

Myronivsky Hliboproduct

MHP was founded in 1998 and focuses primarily on rearing chickens, and on producing and selling chicken products. According to the State Committee on Statistics of Ukraine (SCSU), MHP accounts for approx. 42% (Sept. 2009) of all chicken commercially produced in the country. In each month, the group has the capacity to process more than 9 mln chickens to produce about 27,500 t of meat (Sept. 2009).

MHP grows its own grain to supply its fodder mills; produces feed for its 2 breeder farms and 4 chicken farms; undertakes the entire production cycle, from chicks to mature birds to finished product; using its own fleet of trucks; and sells many of its product through a network of franchised stores.

A project ‘unique in its kind’

The hatchery has been divided in one large processing area for eggs and chickens and 3 incubator and hatchery areas. Each area has its own ventilation supply. The ventilation units are equipped with a high efficiency filtering performance, categorized by the EU as standard EU-7. HatchTechnology implements an Energy Heat Recovery system. This ensures that the heat from embryos is cooled down with the fresh air intake of the ventilation units. The robust and simple form of heat recovery is a proven concept in HatchTechnology ventilation, cooling & heating systems. Additional to the filtered ventilation system, the hatchery bio-security level is of the highest level because of the implementation of fumigation rooms and HatchTech Heat Disinfection program.

HatchTechnology and Viscon have designed and installed many large turn key incubation plants together, including this major project. The automation will process 11,520 setter trays per day in the egg setting area; in only 8 hours the transfer machine will process the total volume with a capacity of 150,000 eggs/hour; and with a chick separator and chick counting of 120,000 chicks/hour the chick processing will usually be finished within a normal 8 hour working day.

Fact sheet new largest hatchery in the world
Myronivsky Hliboproduct - Vinnytsya Hatchery
- 185 x HT MicroClimer Setter 126720;
- 153 x HT MicroClimer Hatcher 42240
- 6,000,000 d.o.c./ week
Other facts:
- Total building surface 26,400 m²
- 25% less building surface due to efficient tray and CyCleanTM
- 3330 setter trolleys; 918 hatcher trolleys
- 266,400 setter trays; 73,440 hatcher baskets
Ventilation system; for management of temperature, humidity and pressures in each specific area of the hatchery
- Incl. HatchTechnology Heat Recovery System
- Incl. HatchTechnology Hatchery Control System



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    Denise Erhardt

    Claming the title of "World's Largest Hatchery" I speculate is quite exciting for "HatchTech" and I do value to detailed information regarding the advanced technology that will be in place.
    I do, however, have a critical concern.
    While the exuberance related to the mass production is overwhelming, the total absence of information regarding the care of the chicks, the presence and living conditions of layer hens,how they are fed, if they are medicated, and a plethora of other data These are facts that should be important to any consumer who may even consider purchasing any of your "battery" operation's 6M chicks or poultry generated from them.

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