Dutch are favouring more chicken

More chicken was consumed in the Netherlands in 2007 than pork, according to provisional annual figures by the Product Board for Livestock, Meat and Eggs (PVE).

In 2007, the average Dutch consumer ate 18.7%kg of poultry.

The PVE is attributing this increase to various promotional campaigns sponsored by Brussels for poultry with the message that chicken contains less fat and can be combined with a lots of ingredients to create delicious meals.

PVE-Chairman, Jos Ramekers, commented that it is clear that the Dutch poultry industry has recovered from the negative effects of the outbreaks of avian flu in the last years.

Even poultry exports are doing well with the UK and Germany as the biggest markets.

Ramekers has one fear for the future and that is - avian flu. "The authorities cannot control every transport of animals. Hence, the sector itself must take on more responsibility to ensure regulations are met," he said.

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