News update:Mar 9, 2016

Pelbo launches new egg breaking/ separating machine

Italian egg processing company Pelbo added a novel type of breaking and separating machine to its product portfolio.

Pelbo, headquartered in Italy and since recently represented in the US by Pelbo Americas, showed the novel design, called Synchro 150, at the International Production & Processing Expo, in Atlanta, GA, United States. The machine guarantees perfect and precise egg handling and processing to guarantee high performance in liquid egg separation from shells.

The new machine aims for a higher productivity and yield due to an extended drain section that has been designed in the new chassis allowing a considerable increase of liquid egg recovery.

Several new features have been added:
•    Integrated control panel
•    Seven full washing zones to be connected at a CIP system
•    Intelligent cup washing and liquid detection during the production phase
•    Albuchecker Vision Scanner for automatic detection of yolk particles into albumen to ensure clean albumen
•    Liquid collection tank design for improved CIP cleaning

In addition, the company also showcased its new and large egg loading system model ‘Crono 6’ – which can handle up to 180,000 eggs per hour.

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