Canada lifts ban on Swiss birds over Newcastle

Imports of live birds, bird products, byproducts and feathers from Switzerland are once again allowed into Canada, reports Country Guide.

Restrictions were put in place by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in October following confirmation of Newcastle disease early in the month on a farm south of Bern.

Only two animals on the farm, a pair of pigeons from a hobby flock, are confirmed to have been infected and to have died from the disease.

According to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), the most likely origin of the infection was a contact with wild pigeons. Reports state that the dead birds had had no contact with poultry.

Swiss chief veterinary officer Hans Wyss said that the event is resolved. No other measures would be taken or reports submitted, the OIE said.

CFIA has now announced that the restrictions for Newcastle in Switzerland have been removed "effective immediately" and border lookouts would be "amended accordingly".

Source: Country Guide, Canada

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