THE CC3 Is Here! Climate Control Solutions from Chick Master

The unique unit CC3 from Chick Master delivers hatchery ventilation, de-Humidification, primary heat recovery and a chilled water system in a complete packaged product.

It is supplied fully tested and commissioned ready to work for your particular requirement be it an expansion project, new building or refurbishment. It can operate in most climates and offers Significantly reduced installation costs, flexibility and substantial energy savings.

In today's modern single and multistage hatcheries, there is a great demand for good ventilation while at the same time looking for energy savings. The old ways of evaporative cooling or air moving with fans alone are no longer sufficient in a region where high humidity is One of our greatest challenges.
Embryo moisture loss is important and can only be achieved when the incoming air is dryer than the machine set point. Humidity will rise as the embryo develops. This requires moisture be removed from the egg during the incubation process and can be accomplished by several ways including mechanical dehumidification, but this can also be very expensive energy. There are better solutions available.
By incorporating full temperature, humidity and pressure control, yield and chick hatch rates as well as quality can be improved considerably. This is highly relevant to the operation of today's single stage incubation systems where training programs adjust to different age flocks and eggs.
Dehumidification can mean additional power costs to condense and dry the air. There are several ways of utilizing natural heat recovery to better manage these costs. These resources need not be wasted as they are readily available for free in both the hatchery water and air systems.
By further incorporating variable speed controls into sophisticated ventilation and chilled water systems, we further improve on the overall power consumption costs within the hatchery as well. The hatchery operation can be greatly improved at the lowest possible fixed and variable costs. The results are a stronger baby chick and better quality at a lower cost that will also show improved results on the farm. This is every hatcheries objective.
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