News update:Mar 9, 2016

México: Drought and bird flu raise chicken meat prices

So far this year, the price of chicken meat in Mexico recorded an increase of 10%, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography of Mexico (INEGI); this is due to the effects of the bird flu crisis of 2013 and a drought in the United States.

The effects of the bird flu crisis of 2013 and the drought in the United States which has lasted for two years still have an impact on the Mexican economy and thus on the pockets of consumers.

In the first half of September, the price of chicken meat increased 1.12% while that of beef rose 1.51%, according to INEGI data. So far this year the increases reach 10% and 15% respectively.

With avian influenza (2013), large producers had chicken shortages until the authorities asked the big producers to import to meet domestic demands. Subsequently demand stabilised and producers controlled the AI outbreak.

This year has not presented a similar outbreak, but companies continue to import chicken to meet demand, said the Director General of Agricultural Markets Consulting Group (GCMA), Juan Carlos Anaya.

Regarding beef, according to Juan Carlos Anaya "The price is due to a global issue. Beef production in the United States has largely decreased and also in Mexico. Drought derived problems have for two or three years resulted in a decline in cattle inventory."

The Director of GCMA said that in Mexico the price fatten a calf has risen by 33% so far this year, while meat that is cut from this animal (carcass) has increased by 24% and cuts that final consumers buy, such as pulp and steaks, have increased between 15% and 20%.

Maria de los Angeles

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