Dual Salmonella vaccine for poultry launched in Britain

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Dual Salmonella vaccine for poultry launched in Britain
Dual Salmonella vaccine for poultry launched in Britain

A new live vaccine, AviPro Salmonella Duo, for poultry which provides simultaneous protection against two strains of Salmonella, S Enteritidis and S Typhimurium, in a single vial has been launched in Britain by Elanco Animal Health.

“AviPro Salmonella Duo is the first vaccine to have both Salmonella strains in the same vial and also the first to be licensed for turkeys and ducks as well as chickens,” commented Jessica Cross, Elanco’s poultry veterinary consultant.

Unlike inactivated vaccines, it is administered in the drinking water, rather than by injection. This offers producers significant advantages since the oral route allows mass administration without stressing the birds, saving labour and improving welfare. A three-dose programme provides immunity throughout lay.

Building on the success of the much-acclaimed AviPro Salmonella vac E and AviPro Salmonella vac T, which dominated the market, it provides an eight-week increase in the period of immunity to 62 and 68 weeks of age for S Typhimurium and S Enteritidis, respectively.

The strains are grown together through co-fermentation, so each titre has equal potency allowing both to colonise at the same rate providing early protection against each Salmonella.

“This development represents the third generation of vaccines, moving on from the early dead vaccines, individual live vaccines to the bivalent product,” said Jessica Cross. “Producers will welcome the simplified administration it offers.”

Salmonella is a major group of enteric bacteria, members of which can colonise the intestinal tract of animals and man. As well as causing severe economic loss to producers, it is an important cause of food poisoning in humans when contamination of eggs or meat occurs. Britain pioneered some of the world’s strictest Salmonella controls, the precursor to current EU regulations. A majority of Salmonella food poisoning outbreaks in the UK from eggs have been traced to imported eggs.

Elanco Animal Health recently acquired Lohmann Animal Health which developed the AviPro range of salmonella vaccines.

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